Eastern Downtown
Protected Bike Lane Study



Alternatives to Advance to 30% Design


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Alternative 3 Plan


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Final Report

The final report documents existing conditions, defines the project purpose and need; documents the development of preliminary alternatives, and the highlights the impact of each alternative across the transportation network.




Study Project Area

The study area of the project is defined as the eastern side of Downtown bound by 4th Street, 9th Street, and Florida and Constitution Avenues NW. The study area includes the Shaw neighborhood to the north and travels south through the Chinatown, Mt. Vernon Square, Penn Quarter, and Judiciary Square neighborhoods. View Map...



Study Overview

The Eastern Downtown Protected Bike Lane project is driven by a need to connect central DC neighborhoods to downtown, as well as existing east-west bicycle facilities. At the end of the project, the District Department of Transportation will identify one preferred route and design for a protected bicycle lane on a north-south route in the eastern area of downtown. The preferred alternative will seek to minimize impacts on other uses of the roadway, including surface transit, parking, sidewalks, and traffic, while providing a low-stress place for people to ride a bicycle in accordance with moveDC’s goals for bicycle infrastructure.


Why Protected lanes? Why Here?

The District of Columbia is building a network of protected bicycle lanes to:


  • Connect neighborhoods
  • Keep people safe
  • Become a healthier, greener District